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BioPlastic Garden Set

BioPlastic Garden Set

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A great plant and play set in one that allows kids to let their green fingers run wild and let vegetables sprout and grow. The shovel for digging up the soil, the watering can for watering the sowing and the plant signs so you don't forget what you've sown where: This set is suitable for growing plants as well as for playing, for example in the sandbox.

Watch the exciting development of the plant together and see how everything sprouts and grows bigger to finally become a beautiful flower or delicious vegetable. It is ideal to expand with other sets from the BIO universe, all of which consist exclusively of toys made from recyclable organic plastic in pretty, natural shades. The ORGANIC range invites you to play indoors and outdoors — whatever the weather. These are toys that are suitable for sun, snow, sand and water.

- Made in Denmark

- Free from toxins

- Nordic Swan Ecolabel

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